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Upcoming Boating Education Classes

Below is a list of all of our upcoming classes.

Abbreviation Course Length Audience
ABS About Boating Safely 9 hours All Boaters
B&F Boating Fun 4 hours 4-9 Year Olds
BS&S Boating Skills & Seamanship 8 to 13 lessons Power Boaters
GPSFM GPS For Mariners 4 hours All Boaters
HRNC How To Read a Nautical Chart 4 hours All Boaters
NAP NASBLA Approved Course Varies All Boaters
PSA PaddleSports America 5 hours Paddlers
PWC Personal Watercraft Course 2 hours All Boaters
SS&S Sailing Skills & Seamanship 8 to 13 lessons Sailors
SAP State Approved Course Varies All Boaters
SIC Suddenly In Command 5 hours All Boaters
WN Weekend Navigator 8 to 13 lessons All Boaters


Classes are not necessarily sorted by date.

All classes require advanced registration,
visit http://store.flotilla41-07.org/ to register.

Public Education Courses for 095-41-07

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